Pocket Tripod PRO

 Be included in your own pictures. The Pocket Tripod PRO provides precise  angle adjustments, so you can take natural-looking selfies and group  photos. It has carbon fiber legs for extra rigidity so you can capture  amazing time-lapses, create light paintings and long exposure images on  the go with just your phone! Thanks to its patented design, the Pocket  Tripod PRO collapses into the shape of a credit card to hides away in  your wallet, making it the perfect EDC gear. 

Price: $25.00

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Oru Kayak

 Oru Kayaks can go just about anywhere—all thanks to origami. Going from  box to boat takes just minutes. On the water they’re lightweight, sturdy  and durable.

Price: $1299.00 

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Heated Shirt The Flare by Blanc

 The Flare | World's Warmest Shirt w/ 3X phone charging. Heated shirt  keeps you warm on the go, providing battery powered warmth to replace  layers of clothing. Shirt is lightweight and designed for skiing,  climbing, motorcycling, biking, travel, and anything else you can do  with a normal shirt! 

Price: $128.00

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xFyro xS2 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

 All Day Battery Life Magnetically connect your earbuds to the battery case to enjoy a total  listening time of 20-30 hours before having to recharge your case. Listen to music while in the hot tub, in the rain, or even while you  shower! We are proud to present you the first-ever fully waterproof  wireless earbuds.

Price: $124.00

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POWERUP X FPV Video Paper Airplane Kit

 POWERUP X FPV lets you experience flight as if you were sitting in the  cockpit of your very own paper airplane. A live video feed lets you see  what your plane sees, controlling your paper plane using our free  Smartphone app.

Price: $89.99

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Mirrex™ electrodeless makeup mirror LED portable charger

 The Mirrex LED lighted mirror is a travel-sized mirror that easily  allows for exceptionally detailed makeup application. The product  consists of the mirror itself, along with a velvet container, a charger  for the mirror, and a silk cleaning tissue. The mirror is 12mm in width  and 80 grams in weight, making it an ideal part of anyone’s makeup  arsenal.

Price: $49.99


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Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaning Tool A New Way To Clean!


Sonic Soaks Ultrasound Technology cleans better thank anything in your house. It destroys germs and bacteria at a microscopic level. You can clean literally anything with it. Clean everything, anywhere. It works like magic on touch to clean items and provide a much deeper clean than regular washing. Get Sonic Soak. A new way to clean.

Price: $150.00

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Vessel® Official Launch Luxe Power for Your Oil

 Discover Vessel® Simple, Light and Powerful - luxe power for your oil  cartridges (510 thread). Vessel proudly introduces its three  collections; the Expedition, Wood and Style series.

Price: $99.99

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SOEKS Tester Checks Food, ElectroMagnetic, Radiation Waves

 New innovation Detect Dangerous ElectroMagnetic Waves (EMF) - Test Radiation Levels at  Home and Environment - Know Safe Radiation Dose - Avoid Harmful Nitrates  in Food using Patented Nitrate Tester Probe - Check Water Quality with  built-in TDS Meter. All in One Smart Device!

Price: $299.00

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Matte White Equalizers V 3

 An on-ear headphone designed by audio enthusiasts and fitness  professionals in collaboration with a small team of dedicated audio  engineers.  The Equalizers V.3 steps it up combining quality sound and build with  the versatility and style you have come to expect from us. 

Price:  $60.00